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Personalized.(The way a dashboard should be.)

Meet your new dashboard: A sleek panel that opens with one click from your OneLaunch dock. It plays host to your most-used (and most important) information you’ll need today. We import all of your preferences, from your browsing history and bookmarks to cookies and passwords, so your browsing experience is set up from the get-go. No time-wasters or headaches. It’s the most seamless, personalized integration you could ask for.

Bookmark that.

You wouldn’t upgrade your browsing experience if you couldn’t bring all of your bookmarks with you. We get that. So, all of your bookmarks will transfer seamlessly (and in the same order) to your OneLaunch browser and dashboard.

Stay up to date.

Of course, a dashboard wouldn’t be doing its job if it didn’t keep you up to date. From the current date, time and weather of your personal locale to the latest international headlines, you’ll be in the know all the time.